The Role of Bacterial Membrane Vesicles In Infection - A Video Interview With Dr Priscila Singorenko

In our first video interview below, Dr Priscila Singorenko from the Dept of Molecular Medicine and Pathology at Auckland University discusses her research on the role of Bacterial Membrane Vesicles in Infection.

Effective anti-microbial strategies are urgently required to avoid a potential crisis in healthcare from untreatable pathogenic bacteria. Priscila's exciting research on the core biology of infection and anti-microbial resistance by the study of bacterial membrane vesicles is a prerequisite for developing an effective method to counter antibiotic resistance.

Her latest publication, Isolation of membrane vesicles from prokaryotes: a technical and biological comparison reveals heterogeneity, was published in the Journal of Extracellular Vesicles.

We hope you enjoy the interview.