Multiplex Fluorescent Immunoassay Device Based on Magnetic Nanoparticles

Godjevargova, T. I., Y. L. Ivanov, and D. D. Dinev. "Multiplex fluorescent immunoassay device based on magnetic nanoparticles." In AIP Conference Proceedings, vol. 1809, no. 1, p. 020018. AIP Publishing, 2017.

Immunofluorescent analyzer based compact disc for simultaneous detection of 3 antibiotics in the same milk sample is consisting of two parts: CD-based immunofluorescence kit and optoelectronic fluorometer. Kit consists of 2 parts: Lyophilized immobilized antibodies on supermagnetic nanoparticles in Eppendorf tubes and CD-based microfluidic disk, in which are formed five chamber systems for simultaneous detecting of 5 separate samples. Each system consists of 2 chambers connected by a special micro channel acting as a hydrophobic valve. In the first chamber lyophilised conjugates of 3 antibiotics with accordingly 3 different fluorescent dyes are placed. The second chamber is for detection of fluorescent signal. The optoelectronic fluorometer is comprising of: integrated thermostatic block; mechanical-detecting unit (fluorometer) and block with controlling and visualizing electronics.The disc gets into a second block of the analyzer, where centrifugation is performed and also reporting of the fluorescent signals. This unit comprises a rotor on which the disc is fixed, permanent electromagnet in the form of a ring inserted under the disc and module of 3 LED diodes with emission filters for the relevant wavelengths corresponding to the used fluorescent dyes and 1 integrated photodiode, in front of which is mounted filter with 3 spectral peaks.The signal from the photodiode is detected by the electronic unit which is sensitive “lock-in” amplifier, the engine rotor management, control of thermostatic device and management of periphery of the analyzer, consisting of display and communications with computer.

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