Bead Enhancement of EV Analysis

Lin, Hsing-Ying, Katherine S. Yang, Caleigh Curley, Hakho Lee, Marisa W. Welch, Brian M. Wolpin, Ralph Weissleder, Hyungsoon Im, and Cesar Castro. "Bead Enhancement of EV Analysis." bioRxiv (2018): 269423.

Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are recognized cancer biomarkers, however, clinical analysis has been difficult due to a lack of simple and sensitive assays. Here, we describe a bead-enhanced flow cytometry method, BEAD flow, using biotinylated EVs captured on streptavidin particles. With this method, we show analysis of patient-derived EVs using a panel of pancreatic cancer biomarkers. BEAD flow is easily translatable to any biomarker or cancer type and can be run with conventional flow cytometers, making it highly flexible and adaptable to diverse research and clinical needs.

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