Amphiphilic Colloidal Surfactants Based on Electrohydrodynamic Co-jetting

Yoon, Jaewon, Arun Kota, Srijanani Bhaskar, Anish Tuteja, and Joerg Lahann. "Amphiphilic colloidal surfactants based on electrohydrodynamic co-jetting." ACS applied materials & interfaces 5, no. 21 (2013): 11281-11287.

A novel synthetic route for the preparation of amphiphilic Janus particles based on electrohydrodynamic cojetting has been developed. In this approach, selective encapsulation of hydrophobic fluorodecyl-polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (F-POSS) in one compartment and a poly(vinyl alcohol) in the second compartment results in colloidal particles with surfactant-like properties including the self-organization at oil–water and air–water interfaces. Successful localization of the respective polymers in different compartments of the same particle is confirmed by a combination of fluorescence microscopy, vibrational spectroscopy, and ζ-potential measurements. We believe that this straightforward synthetic approach may lead to a diverse class of surface-active colloids that will have significant relevance ranging from basic scientific studies to immediate applications in areas, such as pharmaceutical sciences or cosmetics.

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