The New Izon Integrated Measurement System

We are delighted to announce significant improvements to the Izon Integrated Measurement System (Izon IMS), available from today. The Izon IMS encompasses the use of TRPS instruments, measurement science, reagents, consumables, sample preparation and data analysis.

Gold Standard Trial

The aim of this large scale EV trial, facilitated by Izon Science was to show that EV separation and measurement is feasible and comparable results can be achieved. The tests were conducted on identical plasma samples, and the protocol followed included EV isolation using qEV columns and particle characterisation of concentration using a qNano instrument.

Virus characterisation at the Jenner Institute

The Jenner Institute, a world leading non-profit organisation for vaccine development located in Oxford, UK, has been applying the Tunable Resistive Pulse Sensing (TRPS)  measurement approach to assess their viral sample …