The New Izon Integrated Measurement System


Simpler, Faster, More Consistent.

We are delighted to announce significant improvements to the Izon Integrated Measurement System (Izon IMS), available from today. The Izon IMS encompasses the use of TRPS instruments, measurement science, reagents, consumables, sample preparation and data analysis.

With this new update, TRPS measurements will be simpler, more consistent, faster, and easier to perform. Importantly, it will now be much easier to measure individual particles down to 40nm.

This step change in performance is achieved through updates across all the components that comprise the Izon IMS. A new online customer knowledge base is also part of the IMS update. Details on each component are included below.

As we continue to improve the performance of Izon’s interrelated products, we will now be referring to our wider offering as the Izon Integrated Measurement System (IMS). This includes the qEV range, which provides the most effective method of isolation of exosomes and viruses. This is an essential requirement for repeatable measurement.

The application of some basic science to particle measurement in the Izon IMS is an attempt to educate and overcome some of the poor practices that still persist in the industry.

The Izon Integrated Measurement System is the most advanced, accurate and reliable nanoparticle measurement system for size and size distribution, concentration (number vs size), and single particle charge. It is particularly aimed at complex particle systems including extracellular vesicles, NBCDs, viruses and nano-bio constructs.

Take the guesswork out of nanoparticle measurement and dramatically improve your R&D.

Reagent Kit

The New Reagent kit will provide improved performance, consistency and ease of use when coating nanopores and running EV samples.  The new reagent kit is much less complex and solutions are provided in volumes that allow filtering before use.  The kit is designed for 1 months use with a 3 month expiry.  Some user input is required.

  • Kit reduced to make it only about coating the nanopore and running samples
  • Complexity reduced from 7 solutions down to 2
  • Reagent solutions in a volume that allows filtering before use
  • Kit designed for 1 month use with 3 month expiry on the Coating Solution.

Available today.


Izon Nanopores have been updated so that the tolerance range for each class of nanopore is now significantly tighter and the associated performance characteristics more accurately captured in the “Greenzone” guidance offered to users.  This will not affect the nominal performance of each nanopore class so existing nanopore classes and the new ones will still match up. Three new nanopore categories; NP80, NP250, and NP600 have been introduced.

  • Nanopores from each class will now be more consistent than previously
  • Setting nanopores up to the “Greenzone” will be much easier and more consistent
  • We have introduced three new nanopore categories; NP80, NP250, and NP600.

Pressure Reading Module

Izon has developed a Pressure Reading Module that has been shipping with new instruments. It is now available as an optional upgrade for existing systems. The Pressure Module measures the applied system pressure in real-time and the measurement is integrated throughout the new control suite software to ensure that the correct pressure has been applied and that no measurement issues arise. This avoids the need for manual pressure reading and entry of the pressure values, reducing operator time and removing any operator data entry errors.

V3.3 Software

V3.3 introduces a range of user interface improvements, updated capture assistants, and support for other aspects of this release. It will automatically detect the Pressure Reading Module if it is installed and provide pressure related feedback to the user during measurement. It is strongly recommended that all users download and install Control Suite V3.3, which is offered at no cost to existing Izon customers.

Click here to download more information about the release.

Please email to request a download link.

Training kit

Training kits have been streamlined to reflect the Integrated Measurement System changes.  They have been updated to make it easier to learn how to measure particles.  All the necessary components for doing this are included.

  • More electrolyte provided to allow filtering of the electrolyte
  • Some syringe filters and tubes provided to filter the electrolyte into
  • NP250’s provided instead of NP300’s

Knowledge Base (KBASE)

A new support portal, KBASE provides the basis of a modern support centre and we will evolve to managing all of our support (information distribution, communications etc.) through this portal. The new system provides a replacement for the old support centre and supplies a very useful knowledge repository for all users.

Please email for access to Kbase.