Further Improvements, Making Life Easier for EV Researchers

As part of the ongoing improvements to the world's most advanced exosome isolation and measurement solution, we are excited to announce a new range of accessories for qEVs and the qNano.

The qEV Rotary Holder

Maximise EV separation throughput.

Operate two qEVs simultaneously at faster flow rates than normal gravity flow. This allows for the separation and EV collection on one side while the other side is flushing or washing buffer through another qEV at 2-3x normal flow rates. Valve control allows for highly repeatable operation.

When operating maximally it is possible to separate 10 samples per hour compared to approximately 4 samples per hour using a conventional gravity feed system. An interchangeable carousel rack allows for quick exchange to maximize continuous sample collection.

Configured for both qEVoriginal and the new qEVsingle columns

Spend time on your research, not on your EV isolation.

Available today.

qNano ClipOn

Enhance your qNano.

Keep track of all your calibration particles, buffers and samples with this convenient snap on shelf for the qNano.
Designed to hold 1.5mL and 15mL tubes.

Available today.

qEV Rack

The new qEV Rack makes running qEV columns faster and more convenient.

Rinse and wash two columns while collecting EV fractions from another.
Wash and void volumes are collected in 15mL tubes at the bottom of the rack and EV fractions are collected into 1.5mL or 0.5mL micro tubes.
15mL buffer hoppers attach to the top of the columns and aid in column rinsing and washing.

Available Today.